Everyone from math (students+teacher) were all in my room, because we had nothing better to do.

A couple hours later, everyone went home. The house was warped around a lot (rooms changed and rearranged). I went over to the doorway, and met one of our…very unique pets: something that was a cross-between a dog and a refrigerator. XD It didn’t have any food in it, because whatever was put in there was eaten by the dog-fridge. We couldn’t really give it anything to eat, since it was also a household appliance, and we didn’t know what would happen if we were to give a refrigerator something to eat. 😛

Eventually, I felt sorry for it, and sprinkled one of those colorful hard candy things that the fuzzy soot balls (from Spirited Away) eat, in the refrigerator section. Then I went to the backyard, where we had a very intelligent, male orange tabby, hordes of guinea pigs, and a senior-aged Pokemon (I think it was either a Smeargel or that sheep-looking one) in a Pokemon retirement center we built in the backyard. The Pokemon was really frail, and it could only use one blanket because we thought two would crush it.

Then we ended up being robbed by a couple of pug thieves in a dog-pound-looking truck. We didn’t have any pugs, but they didn’t stop harassing the backyard inhabitants. I told the cat to call 911, and…that’s all I remember.