A really old dream I just discovered in my old blog entries.

It was sometime later in the evening when the Jedi were done training with their Padawans for the day. They came into a dark, unused room of the Temple. laughing about something. I joined them, not exactly sure what to say.

Suddenly, they froze. Something was wrong.

Silence filled the entire room, except for voices that could be heard coming out of the grate. Cautiously, we advanced closer, and closer, until we were in front of the grate. The area under the grate was dark, but I could see a faint orangish light coming from the side.

One of the voices was unrecognizable, but the other made the Jedi Masters hang their mouths open in shock. It was one voice no Jedi wanted to hear.


Each of the Masters glanced at each other.

“You go in.”

“No, you go in.”

“What, why me?”

“Because you’re smaller. You could fit in through the grate easily!”

“I’m not going in!”

Finally, one of the older Masters became sick of his colleagues’ squabbling. They’re Jedi Masters! They shouldn’t be arguing like kids!

“We’ll all go in,” he said.

The others looked at him and nodded. But just as one of the Masters grabbed hold of the grate, there was a faint whoosh!. I turned around to find one of the other Masters, slumped over on the floor.

“I’ve…been…shot,” he gasped.

I looked closely at his neck and saw a thin, needle-like dart sticking out from his neck. Suddenly, another Master fell over. She had been shot too. Then another. And another.

I became scared. I didn’t know if the darts were lethal, or if they just stun their victims, I wasn’t one to find out, as more and more kept falling.

‘Who is firing the darts?’ I wondered. Was it Xanatos, who found out that we knew where he was? Or was it someone else he had hired to do the job? If it was Xanatos, who was down under the grate, talking with that other person? A chill ran down my spine. ‘This is freaky,’ I thought.

I looked around. All but one of the Masters were down. The one remaining was the one holding the grate. He nodded, and motioned for me to follow. I gulped nervously, and went down after him.

Down The Rabbit Hole

The area under the grate turned out to be the boiler room. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but we could tell someone has been here. Their presence was still in the air.

We were now in a sunlit area of the Temple, carefully concealed under a table, and watching two dark, hooded figures talking with each other. When they were just about done, one of them reminded his partner to dispose of any witnesses nearby.

I tensed. We were in trouble. They had already found some other people that were spying on them, and imprisoned them.

The two looked around.

“I think that’s it,” one of them said.

The other nodded. I sighed with relief. That was close. But then he said, “Did you check under that table?”

“No, I forgot,” said the first. They both advanced toward the Jedi Master and me. I gave a frantic look toward the Master.

“Use the Force,” I whispered. I wasn’t sure if Jedi could actually use the Force to make themselves seemingly invisible, but I read about it in a fanfiction.

He shook his head. “They’re Force-sensitive too,” he replied. I gulped, knowing what that meant. They would see right through the illusion.

I squeezed my eyes shut tight, waiting for the inevitable to happen. I think I remember seeing more darts flying in our direction. But the next thing that happened made me jump in surprise.

Expect The Unexpected

There was a loud trumpet playing, followed by drums. I opened my eyes, and saw hordes of Gungans swarm in through the window, each playing a instrument. It was like a marching band–they were even in formation.

When they were all in, they dropped their instruments, and literally made them disappear. Then Boss Nass, the head Gungan, came in. It was hard for me to completely understand what they were saying, but apparently, something had happened to their people, and they wanted the Jedi to know about it.

Boss Nass chanted something, and ordered the other Gungans to repeat him. They all obeyed.

“Again!” he said.

They did that.


Did that. I blinked. It was strange, very strange.

“Seventy-five more times!” he ordered.

I decided to leave, find the Jedi Council, and tell them about this. They’d have an interesting time solving this dilemma.

I turned from the main hallway, into an area of the Temple that looked like a cross between a shopping mall and Toys R Us. And instead of Jedi (it’s still part of their Temple), there were parents walking with their kids. I wandered around, trying to figure out where the Jedi Council would be in the Temple.

Suddenly, I heard singing coming from behind. I turned around to see tiny, pale, green elves jumping around the store, grabbing the parents and their children. It was like a musical, only in real life, and the elves were singing out their purpose for doing this. I started to run, and tried jumping really high. When I jumped high enough, I started flying DBZ-style. ‘This is good,’ I thought. ‘Those things can’t fly, so they can’t grab me from up here.’

Unfortunately, since I was inexperienced, I can’t stay afloat. So I would go up, then when I reached a certain height, I would float downward. It wasn’t very helpful, but I decided to use it while I still could.

I ran up to the top level of the store, and jumped off over the rail. All around me, people looked at me as though I were crazy. Then I used my ki to slow down my descend. I slowed it down so much, I was practically flying.

I flew over the crowd, while figuring out where to land. All the parents, kids and elves stared up at me in amazement.

“Wow, look at her,” I heard one elderly woman say. In any normal situation, I wouldn’t have even done what I was doing now in front of all these people. I don’t like being the center of attention.

I landed in an abandoned section of the store. Well, maybe abandoned isn’t the right word. It did have some people, homeless people. I flew up over them, and found a sturdy-looking shelf with a few plush toys. But I didn’t want to hide there, not when it looked like it hasn’t been cleaned in a millennium.

I flew back down to the homeless people, and asked if they knew of a good hiding place. One large, very friendly lady pointed me toward a fish pond next to her (that looked more like a small Japanese fountain). I politely turned down her offer, then flew back up to the dirty shelf, and back to the homeless people. I thought about posing as one of them, when there was more singing.

This time, it sounded as though it coming from an actual choir. That made sense, this was a musical. I turned around to see it coming from dozens of people dressed in elaborate, red outfits, and jester hats. They each carried a lit candle, even though the room was very well lit with the extremely bright lights on. Each one wore ice skates, even though none of them actually touched the ground. They were all hovering in the air, and they sailed through the aisles.

I thought about whether I should hide or not. These people looked harmless, I mean, they’re part of the singing, right? But after being attacked by tiny, green elves, I decided not to take any chances, and flew up toward the dirty shelf.

I woke up with a song playing over and over again in my head (one of those songs the news people play before they go on commercial break on KTLA).