A friend and I were in a city that was being invaded by demons and ghouls. We decided to use music to make them go away, and each bought an electric guitar from a music store. We thought maybe we could play Cura, (forgot the name of the second song) and Curaga, healing spells from the Final Fantasy games. The idea was that the healing properties of the songs would cancel out the undead nature of the bad guys and finish them off. I don’t know about my friend but I didn’t have any experience with playing music (ex. didn’t know what a chord was until a little while ago and didn’t understand the point). So I wasn’t sure if this would work and just enrage them further due to my bad playing.

My (literal) dream guitar

I then woke up and decided to get into guitar anyway and went to a guitar store. These two guys were at the counter when I showed up and I told them what I was looking for. They didn’t say anything and just looked at me expectantly. I got annoyed, thinking what I have to do this myself now? I demanded “WELL ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME OR WHAT”. They both agreed to help me but the one sitting directly in front of me had to do some employee stuff so the other guy helped me. I repeated what I said before (“I’m a complete noob with guitar so something that’s easy to play would be best. But I generally prefer quality over ease of play”), and realized maybe I never actually told them what I was looking for out loud, and only said it my head, which is why they were waiting for me to say something. I felt bad but the store employee didn’t seem offended and was like “ah got it”.

He went over to look at their current stock and two of guitars he inspected looked like the same exact bright blue in my dream. I grew hopefully, thinking maybe I could have the same one from my dream. But he put them down and instead picked up another with a pale wood finish and said “with guitars, it’s better to have ease of play over quality” and proceeded to get the wood one ready for purchase.

My soon-to-be (very literal) dream guitar

I agreed and then noticed as he was gathering the parts, how dinged up it looked from far away. I thought “bleh, I hope I get a discount with this”. And also wondered if what he said about ease of play vs. quality was true and couldn’t help but think that he only picked the wood one just to get rid of it.

And then I woke up for real.

And noo this didn’t make me want to get into guitar for real. I actually tried taking up violin when I was a kid, despite having no musical background. And violin is probably one of the last things I should’ve tried. So…it didn’t go well. It lasted for 3 weeks, and I only listen to music but actually have no interest in playing it.