I’ve had dreams where I’m in Disneyland and I get lost, mainly when I get to a certain abandoned hotel. And in this dream, I wound up at Disneyland again, but this time, I was determined not to get lost!

I started out at some ride. I knew I had to go through the abandoned hotel and if I don’t get lost there, I would get lost in the abandoned version of Tomorrowland.

Instead of going inside the hotel (which is how I always get lost), I decided to stay on the outside. I took a produce bag (you know, the rolled up kinds you can get at grocery stores to put your veggies in) and used it as a parachute to follow the track that went from the ride, down the mountain slope (because here, apparently Disneyland is located on top of a mountain like a ski resort), down the track that the tram uses to transport people and to the hotel. I went around the building and found where the track exited, and continued my journey.

The abandoned Tomorrowland didn’t show up. Instead, I reached Downtown Disney (this time, not in a cave, but in a normal 2 story shopping mall building, which worked great for me). I knew once I reached Downtown Disney, I was out of the woods.

Here, Downtown Disney was a bunch of connected buildings with a central “courtyard”/street. I ran inside one of the buildings, and found out in order to going out on the main street, I had to have all my stuff labeled as mine, because there were little mini rides, like the teacup ride. A cast member, who just finished her shift, decided to wear her uniform, inside of changing into her regular street clothes, which her manager thought was nuts. I waited at the door to the street for someone to help me. The girl who just finished her shift decided to help me. She had to also take down my physical description. She wrote “b” for brown on the eye color part, and was trying to figure out what “our hair color was called”. I then realized she was Asian like me, and I just thought “…black?” There wasn’t any internal, secretive phrase to describe Asian hair, that I was aware of. 🤔

This is right around when I woke up.