First of All, About This House…

In addition to the big house trope that seems to run rampant in my dreams, there is one house in particular that would appear in a lot of my dreams. It looked more like a Portal level designer came up with the architecture of the house. The house was mostly white and gray on the inside. The front door was centered right in the middle of the wall of the front room. Two (handrailess) staircases both started at the door and immediately split away from each other, each running alongside the walls, around the room and toward the back, which lead to more hallways. One of these back hallways lead to my room, and another staircase that led to the back door.

So while you don’t have to parkour or shoot portals to walk across the room, it looks like a Portal level designer was told to make the interior of a house and just let loose his inner, nerdish desires.

On With the Dream!

In this dream, we moved into this house as usual. And while wandering through the house, I was starting to become aware that I’ve been in this dream before. And got really excited and went looking for the back staircase, because that was always my favorite part about this house.

I didn’t find the staircase. What I found instead was a huge public bathroom. It looked like a school locker room, but not very well lit. And yeah, all the lockers were bathroom stalls.

Yeah, like this, but with bathroom stalls instead of lockers. | Photo by Liz Weddon on Unsplash

I was able to find the exit and found the “backroom” of a Disney Store, which was on the second level of a three level shopping mall (that btw, looked more like a cave than a shopping mall).

(And btw, this part with my house being attached to a Disney Store was another recurring dream arc. Just not from the same one as the one with the Portal house.)

I thought this was cool, but not as cool as the dreams where I end up at an abandoned version of Downtown Disney (more like Disneypolis, since it’s huge compared to Downtown Disney), and have to trek through Abandoned!Disneyland only to find myself at Abandoned!CSUCI. And decided to go back inside.

Except when I went back to the bathroom area, I couldn’t find the entrance to the house. I went through aisles and aisles of bathroom stalls only to find more aisles of bathroom stalls. I probably made about 20 turns through the area, but it was like a giant grid of aisles that kept endlessly generating more aisles as I ran through.

Eventually, I found an intersection with a pool table in the middle. A well-dressed gentleman approached me and threw some brochures on the pool table. He could help me find my way, he said, if I was willing to pay for some insurance. I thought about it. I didn’t want to have to pay to find my way back to my own house, but I did spend about what seemed like half an hour, traversing an abnormally large bathroom.

Then my alarm woke me up. The end.

(And here, I would’ve liked to have known: did I take up his offer?? Was he legit?? Etc. But work calls.)