Written May 3, 2018

Had a dream where I was Sakura (from Card Captor Sakura) and just led a whole bunch of people on a long exodus to safety. We stopped at a relative’s house in Sacramento for rest. Then no one wanted to move on because everyone decided that THIS house was their promised land (relative was ok with this).

But I still needed to go back rescue my teacher/mentor type person, who was trapped a bad guy’s lair. Shaoran was pissed and refused to say goodbye, so I went ahead to gather up supplies on my own (insert emotional anime-esque scene while Sakura experiences self-doubt over leaving Shaoran but knew she had to save her teacher). I asked my mom for a horse and wagon (my own mom, not Sakura’s mom). She went to the yard to find a possibly covered wagon for me, while I looked at the horses (there was an orange filly playing in the sprinklers).

Like this, but it had a raft instead of the green metal part.

Eventually my mom found a wagon for me…which looked like a huge wagon you’d find at a hardware store but instead of the metal wagon part, there was an inflatable raft. And yeah, it had tires. I knew that this wagon would be helpful in crossing rivers, and wondered if we could’ve missed the promised land, because none of us wanted to figure out how to caulk a wagon and didn’t bother with trying to cross. Then I wondered how the Oregon Trail would’ve been if they used inflatable rafts when crossing. When I woke up, I knew that ‘oh wait, all it takes is for a rock to hit it and the wagon is gone.’ The end