Once had this written down somewhere, then I lost it, huh.

An oldish dream from about 7 years ago.

Samantha and Nellie (from American Girls) were trying to solve the mystery of Ravenscourt (in Samantha’s first mystery). I was up in L’s room, when I heard that Samantha planned to call the hotel and ask them a few questions. Except that she didn’t want her aunt and uncle to know that she was involved in a mystery. So instead of calling the hotel directly*, she asked the operator to have the hotel call her instead, claiming that their phone wasn’t working correctly.

*it seems that they now have the newer phones that allow them to dial a person’s number, rather than getting the operator to do it

I heard about this. And since I was feeling overprotective of them in a big sister sort of way, I knew I had to stop them before someone got hurt. I jumped into my car, and hurried down Lewis Rd…and ended up running a red light.

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Immediately, since both my parents and I have psychic powers, they knew what happened. And I knew through them immediately, that a traffic ticket was waiting for me at home.

I probably did get a ticket waiting for me at home. But I didn’t go back home for a long time, and I was to appear in trial, but didn’t. So I had the government on my tail!

Now A Fugitive

I joined a caravan-type of group of wanderers, blending in as one of them. We traveled around a lot. One of the places we visited was the top of a bunch of steep, craggy mountains, everything in a beige-colored mist–almost looked like the traditional Chinese ink paintings.

We were standing on a bridge, suspended over a stream about sixty feet below, when we were stopped by a group of FBI agents for some kind of inspection. One of them looked like Rude, the bald Turk from Final Fantasy VII. Everyone else in the caravan accepted this as a routine sort of thing, but I knew that they were really looking for me. If I took off, they would become suspicious and I would most likely be caught, and found out. So I stayed. (Actually, even though it seemed like we were in some far off country or land like Middle Earth, we were only about ten minutes away from where I lived.)

One of the other wanderers, somewhere in his twenties in the caravan was becoming increasingly paranoid and kept sputtering left and right, “I didn’t do it!! I didn’t do it!!” When one of the agents approached the both of us, he first interrogated me, with me thinking I was already caught, because wouldn’t he recognize me? But he seemed completely clueless, and went on to question the nervous guy. After he was done, he gave us both a piece of paper. The guy’s paper was a yellow, index card-sized flyer to a local event taking place. Mine was black with yellow lettering.

After glancing at the paper (but didn’t actually read it), I knew that the agent knew who I was, and the paper just mentioned what was going to happen to me. The agent told me, “Just give it up. (Something about how my punishment would be worse if I tried to escape.) All the missions in the world had been canceled.” (“Missions” as in the missions you get in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.) And I thought, ‘All because I ran a red light.’

Immediately, I threw the paper to the ground. (I was hoping it would fall to the stream below for drama, but it didn’t, darn.) Then I jumped off the bridge into the stream, thinking ‘you’ll never catch me!’ Except the stream was a lot more shallow than I thought. I probably would’ve been killed if I hadn’t tweaked the dream a bit, so I would just fall in the stream. I was hoping that I would go downstream and away from the agents. Only once again, the rocks made it difficult, but with a little more help from lucid dreaming, I was able to get away.

The closest example I could find of the stream | Photo by Dorothea OLDANI on Unsplash

Starting A New Life… (Sort of)

I ended up at Ventura Harbor and swam out to an empty oceanliner, thinking I might use this as my new hideout. Even though I was the only living being there, it didn’t mean I was alone…

Photo by Giuseppe Murabito on Unsplash | Photo by Giuseppe Murabito on Unsplash

The ship was a lot more rusted than I thought, telling me it was abandoned. Just as I walked into what looked like the dining hall, these…ghosts, some of them were green (think Slimer from Ghostbusters) started popping up in song and dance. And zombies. Yup. That kinda freaked me out a bit, but I wasn’t that afraid of them. I figured if I were nice to them, they would be touched and accept me as one of their own. (Well, except the zombies, who didn’t seem that interested.)

I was right about that. For years, they had lived aboard the abandoned ocean liner, longing for one of the living to treat them as their equal, whether they be dead or alive. Just recently, with the government hunting them down so much, they ended up having to stay in the ocean liner. They pretty much hated the living, and the government especially.

I stayed with them for a while and had a lot of fun. Almost like I was as though I were a part of their family. Eventually the FBI agents heard of my whereabouts and came aboard the ocean liner, accompanied by Leon S. Kennedy (from the Resident Evil series), who had been sent to help with the search. Before I could be taken in by them, I explained what the undead wanted. The agents agreed to talk with the government about it. And I think the undead were accepted back into the living.

The credits started rolling (with the craggy mountains from earlier in the dream as the background), panning downwards, passing by many railroad tracks running horizontally across the mountains. I waited for the bridge, that I was on with the caravan when the FBI stopped us, to appear… More railroad tracks, and not one of them was the bridge. I was getting impatient and once again, lucid dreaming kicked in, turning one of the railroad tracks into the bridge. And on the bridge were the FBI agents all mingled together with the undead, talking like old friends. I was among them, and yaaaaay, we’re all friends! The end.

(Btw, as for what happened to me after running a red light and trying to escape the consequences of it, remains unanswered).

Post-Credits Scene (Because Why Not?)

After the mov—err, dream, came a little short feature dreamed up by…me! We were at my mom’s friend’s house. She had three parakeets that she kept in separate color-coordinated cages. The cages looked more like those cat feeders with the reservoir for the food at the top. O_o The bird in the red cage had three baby birds, but somehow they fell out through the opening at the bottom (which was too small to fit them all). I picked them up and asked Mom’s friend what to do about them. She said for me to just come sit by her, since she’ll be able to keep the dog away from them (who she was afraid of getting to the birds). Umm…that’s about it, other than a few, brief flashbacks of the previous dream, featuring Leon. 😛