I had one of these dreams, where my old college was combined with my old middle school and the local high school. (I seem to have a lot of these…)

And since I didn’t actually have to switch schools when migrating to college (either I went to high school here or I skipped it entirely somehow), I managed to keep my old locker. And was one of the few college students here who had a locker. >:D I used it store my books and other stuff.

(Although several times, I forgot I even had it, so when I couldn’t find my book because it was in said locker, I panicked and bought another book, when…yeah.)

One day, I was late for math. I couldn’t find my book, and asked Mr. Giantpaper if he knew where it was. He went to see if I left it in me car, and went to check my locker. And since I was late, I had trouble opening the lock (as in, I remembered the combination, but kept missing the second number and had to start over about two or three times). Eventually, I got fed up and just spun it around all crazy like, angrily, until it opened on its own. Surprised, I opened the door and checked the contents to make sure this was indeed my locker. Yup, it had all my Spanish books from the previous semester (two of them were the same exact one written by my teacher and the third had a holographic cover that was written by Shigeru Miyamoto).

I didn’t find my math book, so I went to the parking lot by the nearby park to see if it was in my car. I saw my float I made for the upcoming Christmas parade that was starting soon. It was a cheap one, with an oversized cardboard ornament shaped like a Christmas tree propped onto it, covered with lights. I got inside and drove it to the school entrance, when I changed my mind, thinking ‘nah, this is stupid’, and drove it back to the parking lot.

The end.