(Ehe, Jeidai knows what I mean by “stress”. T_T)

There were three small dreams actually:

Dream #1

I was at some sort of cafe/restaurant, when a horde of goblins/trolls came in clubs and started causing trouble. I freaked out and tried to hide, but they found me anyway and started to come after me…

Dream #2

I was in a forest where elves lived. Their houses were made from bedsheets draped over the trees. When I was with this little elf girl (who I drew in my sketchbook some time ago), a goblin came and tried to kidnap me (I was randomly chosen). He noticed that I was a human, and therefore hohoho! I would be easy to grab, because I had hair! I looked over the elf girl, thinking ‘Umm…doesn’t she have hair too?’ (hair longer than mine XP). And I wondered why I was being attacked by all these goblins. XO

Both the elf girl and goblin were identified with Pokemon. The elf girl was a Poliwag (incorrectly labeled as a Poliwhirl in this dream) and the goblin was a Fearow. :3

Dream #3

Adam was a studio art major at my school. He also played the saxophone. 😛 After he finished his painting of a saxophone made from a Japanese-style quilt on a shaped canvas, he and the art tech had a pretend lightsaber duel.

The end. XP