Dream #1: Web Developers and Their Guinea Pigs

I was watching a video on guinea pig care. One of the things they warned about was when a guinea pig was doing something to them, that the owners not interrupt them, otherwise it would disrupt the relationship between guinea pig and owner. Ex. there was a shot of a GP jumping up and down (which last time I checked, was physically impossible for them to do?) on their owner’s back, which shows that they have a “web developer relationship”.

(I then woke up thinking “Aww man, I don’t want to go to school!”)

Dream #2: I Wonder if These Guys Have Guinea Pigs…

An OC Jedi Master and Padawan team (“original character”, not “Orange County” :P) were at the Jedi Temple. The Padawan was a computer programmer/developer. She was also being bullied by another Padawan and she couldn’t figure out why. Eventually she found out he once had a girlfriend (another Jedi) who was also a programmer, who uh, died while coding. I tried to figure out why he would bully the other apprentice, unless if *gasp* he actually has feelings for her and didn’t want her to end up like his late girlfriend! :O (I also wondered why everything has to end up in romance.) Eventually the victim’s Master had a talk with the bully, who walked out like a cheerful little daisy, promising to do good in his studies and impress the other Masters. And that meant no bullying.

(These dreams took place on different nights, btw.)