FYI, just downloaded the demo for DQXI for the Switch and just arrived in Heliodor. I’ve only started exploring the entire town, so haven’t done anything else yet. Here’s my thought so far:

  • For those not aware, this is actually the 3rd Dragon Quest game I started, with the first being Builders 2 and the second being Builders 1. But you see, both Builders games specifically tell you when you’re going to name your character. XI didn’t do that. It just said to pick a name for your save file. I thought the Luminary would just be nameless or be called “Luminary” or “hero”. So…whatever you name your save file/”adventure log” will end up becoming your character’s name. I picked “giant” (short for giantpaper, which was too long to for me to type out on the Switch keyboard), and ended up restarting said save file when people kept calling him “giant”. 🤦‍♀️ So, he’s Lucian now.
  • I think Builders 2 cursed me. 😬 Came across what would be considered an animal pen in Builders, minus the door. And at first wondered how this could be considered an animal pen if there’s no gate. It kinda bugged me, like the game designers just made an unfinished animal pen.
  • After leaving Cobblestone, I came across some ruins. Had the strongest urge to take out my castle blocks so I could rebuild them.
  • I did not expect to find that many sound effects from Builders 2 in XI (ex. the victory sound effect after finishing a battle). I knew they were being used in Builders 1, but assumed they were Builders series only. So…yeah…it was kind of nostalgic for me. 😅 I guess reusing character sprites isn’t the only thing the Dragon Quest franchise likes to do. 🤔

Gonna report back when I make more progress.