I finished DQB2 a little while ago, and have been too busy playing the post game to actually post about it.

Here are my thoughts:

Spoilers Inbound (Post-game spoilers included)

Features major spoilers throughout the game (including the endgame).

  • Malroth — I already see him as my BFF so there’s that.
    • But (not sure if this was discussed) I’ve been thinking about the origins of the demon version. So Hargon summoned him in DQ2? Was Malroth living in a separate dimension this entire time up until that moment? And then when you get to Malhalla, you can get this substance called malrothium, which the description says is some sort of mysterious element extracted from the Master of Destruction. Like it’s definitely not from the human world. (Maybe he’s from Malhalla originally…which is a separate planet. 👀)
    • After seeing his tastes in food during Lulu’s tea party, I wonder…the reason why we never see him eat anything is because all of the food they’ve encountered so far is too “normal”? Wonder if he would like the food from Malhalla better. 🤔
  • Lulu — Y’know, I don’t hate her as much as other people. I wished she would shut up about Lulutopia (“no offense, Lulu, but this ain’t your island 😤”), but she does care about her friends (particularly, the Builder and Malroth, since they’re the only family she has at this point), and wouldn’t even budge from the dock when they were stuck in Skelkatraz, waiting for them to return.
  • Krumbul-dun — These folks care way more about having a bar than a bedroom with four walls. 🤷‍♀️
  • Skelkatraz — Gotta say, they did such a good job at making you hate this place. (Also the scene following that with the Builder, Malroth and Lulu was just 🥺).
  • Moonbrooke — I admit, thanks to TvTropes (and I gotta stop looking up TV shows/games on that site that I haven’t finished yet), I already knew what was going to happen and was pretty steamed at THAT part (you know the one). On the other hand, when I finished the island, I found that very few people actually wanted Malroth in prison, and the ones who did are dead. They’ve spent their entire lives in a warzone—all they’ve ever known is war. So I actually felt sorry for them. I went back and planted more crops for them (and trying to build them nice rooms, but they all want to live in the castle along with the Builder and it’s getting difficult trying to stuff 6+ people in said castle and still have enough room for a dining hall, kitchen, training room, etc). Just wish they would recruit a farmer to harvest them. :/
  • Malhalla — Never thought a monster afterlife would feature less betrayal than an island inhabited by humans. Was really glad I got to bring them back to my island eventually (minus Adamn, Zebadee and Drackson, who weren’t at the Ark for some reason), but wish we could’ve brought the actual Ark. I might turn this island into a vacation resort.
  • Buildertopia — Pro-tip: Move the teleportal to where you want your town/house to be. Otherwise your only warp points are going to be at the dock, which is separated from the rest of the island by a huge gap that you can’t bridge over (like the explorer’s shores). Also finding the large Blossom Bay type works best for building a farm, unless you’re planning on growing mostly sugar cane and rice.
  • [EDIT] Ordelia — This lady has been living underground by herself since she was a little girl (according to her), but she’s wearing clothes that fit her and is able to think and talk (kinda) like an adult. 🤔