Waaaay back in March last year, I decided to switch to being vegan. I won’t go into too much detail, but the main reasons were for animal welfare and for the environment. And hearing that Burger King just recently introduced the Impossible Whopper to the world made me go 😱.

When my meat-eating peers decided to journey out to get a hold of Popeye’s recently introduced, much hyped chicken sandwich, I decided I would go out with them and get BK’s recently introduced, much hyped Impossible Whopper.

It normally comes with mayo and (I’m assuming like most cheeseburgers) cheese, which I ordered without. When we got home, I added my own Follow Your Heart vegenaise and the last bit of (ancient) Violife block cheese I bought a long time ago.

The taste was juuuust like a regular fast food burger. Depending on your view of fast food burgers, this may be a good or bad thing. But there you go. The Cheesecake Factory sells Impossible burgers, but you can tell they’re just black bean burgers. The only other place I know of that can cook Impossible burgers to taste like fast food burgers is the food truck, Vuture Food. 🥺❤️ So yeah, it’s pretty darn awesome.

And oh yesss, I remember when it was first introduced, there was a lot of banter on both sides of various issues.

The Impossible Whopper Is Cooked On The Same Surface As Meat!

(Ye gods, the lawsuits involving this. 😑)

Unless if it’s actually stated it’s cooked on a separate surface (or if it’s from a vegan/vegetarian-only restaurant), expect your meat substitute to be cooked on the same surface as meat.

Take these into consideration:

  • Places like BK didn’t originally have anywhere to cook non-meat meat, sooo suddenly expecting them to have a separate area is unreasonable.
  • Having your veggie burger cooked on a surface that was previously used for meat doesn’t change the fact that someone ahead of you ordered meat.
  • Also making a big fuss like this just discourages more restaurants from wanting to serve non-meat eating people, which in turn will mean there are less people who will want to try veggie foods. When you think about the above bullet point, this actually hurts animals more.

There are some non-meat eating people who can’t even digest the slightest amount of meat juices (I thankfully, might not be one of them). If you’re one of these people, you might want to try veg-only restaurants. Burger King will also microwave your Impossible Whopper for you if you ask.

(But really….microwaved Impossible burgers…? 🤔)

Burger King Profits Off Of Animal Cruelty And Exploitation! Why Are You OK With Supporting This Company?

Ohhhhkay, unless you actually grow your own food, you’re always going to be supporting a company that sells meat, eggs or dairy–usually all three. Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods?

Also by buying veggie foods from companies that also sell animal products tells said company that there is a market for veggie foods and that they should make more! And more animals win!

*insert major healthy concern here like soy, the fact that it’s junk food, etc*

No, it’s not healthy. But neither are regular cheeseburgers. Unless if you’re eating an Impossible Whopper (and other processed veggie junk foods) a lot, I wouldn’t worry about it. Pretend it’s a meated cheeseburger and have it as a treat. 🤷‍♀️ I’m actually excited meat eaters are willing to give veggie foods a try.