FYI, I got this super amazing email today:

The funny thing about this email is that it looks super legit. It came from an actual Paypal email address ( The links lead to the actual Paypal domain (I didn’t click them, so I don’t know if the pages are real).

(Obviously, the point of the scam is get people to call the number, which btw is not even Paypal’s actual contact phone number.)

Who is Fern Doucette?

No one I know for sure. But even before looking this up online, you might start hearing all the sus bells:

  • I cropped this out of the screenshot above, but the email was sent to unfamiliar address:
  • I’ve never gotten a money request email (not even sure if they exist), but it’s rather skimpy on the details (under the “Note from Fern Doucette”, it just says “Don’t recognize the sender? Call us now. [number]” Uh huh.
  • I checked my Paypal account and didn’t find any mention of a request like this.
  • The “note” is worded oddly. “Quickly let us know [number]” instead of something like “Call us ASAP at [number]”, which sounds like this person’s English is not 100%.
  • Also there’s no space in front of the “Quickly”, a mistake Paypal wouldn’t make.

After looking up this person online, I found that “Fern Doucette” brings up A LOT of posts about scams. Yikes, dude. You’d think after a while, they’d use a new alias?

More info: