Woke up. Literally one of the first things I did today was check my spam folder on my Outlook account, and saw a weird email from “Facebook”, saying that someone tried to log in to my account on a Samsung S21, and gave me the option to report them. I thought ‘huh, I don’t have a Samsung S21!’ And hit the report button. Instead of it opening to a browser window to Facebook’s site, it opened a Compose Email window, which I thought was annoying. A multi-million corporation couldn’t even take the time to make an actual “report user” page on their site?? I just said in the email body “I don’t have a Samsung S21” and hit Send.

Then about 15 minutes later, I realized, waitaminit I don’t HAVE a Facebook account with my Outlook email. 🤦‍♀️

And then, I got another email from Spanishdict.com (cuz learning Spanish). They email a word of the day each morning. Here’s today’s word: