A few things about this:

  1. I should probably format these messages so they’re readable.
  2. No, I did not, “Beth”. 😤 That’s how you spell “cron”.
  3. This Spellscan site is a series of spam form submissions hitting sites lately. It made itself known to a few clients at work. If you get one of these, don’t go the spellscan site.
  4. The fact that it actually got through WPBruiser’s antispam checks tells me there are humans submitting these, and not bots. So if you mark it as spam, you might cause legit form submissions to go to spam as well. Which I’m pretty sure you don’t want.


More folks talking about Spellscam–I mean Spellscan.

Edit #2

I guess it’s debatable if it’s actually a scam (I didn’t visit their site). But definitely spam. Spellspam then???