• Status Archive pages — auto-added Youtube and Vimeo poster images as the “featured image” for the respective status updates.
  • Cool. New. Tag. Showcase. On the front page. For folks not familiar with GPORG and want to know what GPORG has to offer.


  • Mobile – moved the hamburger menu button to the bottom middle of the screen, for thumbs to reach easily. (Also added a cool animation where it changes from a normal hamburger menu icon to an arrow).
  • Added some CSS black magic to make the scrollbar on the menu thinner and simpler. This only works on webkit browsers (Chrome and Safari), hence the black magic part (as a Firefox user, I mean…). I’m too used to having Mac OS set up so the scrollbars don’t actually show up unless you’re scrolling and didn’t think about how it looks on Windows.
  • Made some accessibility & best practice improvements to make Lighthouse happy.
  • Made the image headers on all pages taller. This makes it easier for me to hunt down images that would look great in this particular aspect ratio (instead of behind ridiculously widescreen, it’s just über widescreen).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the lazyloading wouldn’t work.