I did some renovating over the past week:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the font size and spacing on post metas (the date and categories on a blog post).


  • Switched the feed URL at the bottom (linked to the RSS icon) with a new subscribe page, basically creating my own version of the (now possibly dead) Feedburner.
  • Microposts! I based this off of Twitter, but it’s actually supposed to be a Facebook alternative (because…anyone who’s been here long enough knows how I feel about Facebook [1][2][3][4]). So any short posts will just be considered a micropost.*

*I know WordPress has an aside post format just for this purpose, but I ended up using a custom post type for this, since I wanted it to be separate from the “regular” blog. Like how the photos are in their own separate blog (the photoblog).


  • I’m thinking of how I want the photoblog posts to look. Checking out some other photoblogs, getting ideas for flexibility (ex. so I can add more than one photo per post, have the photo(s) and text be intermixed with each other so I can post them in a more story-like fashion, etc).
  • Looking at other types of blogs one could create: audioblog? A videoblog??? đź‘€ Neither of these are blogs I be into actually running, but the possibilities are endless.

GPORG’s purpose as a blog is shifting more towards the blogs from 15+ years ago, with the RSS feeds, etc (minus the comments–ditched the comments entirely. Got no time to moderate that), while combining some aspects of today’s social media (hashtags, anyone?). I kind of miss when everyone had blogs. Now almost everyone moved to social media. :/