Soooo…it’s been up for a while, but I completely redid Giantpaper…not just the appearance, but the entire structure and purpose.


It was more a normal blog blog (with words…preferably a lot of words). The amount I posted tapered off over the years, mostly because I started posting almost everything on Book of Faces (in friends-only posts). Post categories were like post tags, but much broader (ex. there was the dreams category, and posts in dreams were tagged with types of dreams, like ghosts for dreams with ghosts, etc).


Added a photolog feature, so now I’m going through old Lightroom photos and posting them. Reason is, I decided I wanted to have sort of a photolog going on, and set it up as a separate site. But it didn’t seem right having it as a separate site. 🤔 Eventually, I decided to combine the photolog with Giantpaper (because I wasn’t posting much there anyway), so…yeah…

  • Both posts and photos are tagged with the same set of tags–both under the taxonomy, post_tag.
  • Post categories are still a thing and only apply to blog posts. They were also redone. They’re less like vague topics and more like types of posts, I guess? Categories named after blog topics were all converted to post tags. Also I’m trying to keep it as one category per post. The current naming scheme of the new categories is still under construction, btw.

The structure is kind of unconventional, but at one point, you gotta say screw what everyone thinks and come up with something YOU’RE happy with using and maintaining regularly. 😤