I’m not sure how common this is, and I don’t get this myself too often. But I got at least two emails from other sites and companies if I would link to their content.

Giantpaper.org is just a personal blog, which exists for my own pleasure and to sharpen my skillz0r. I don’t do it for internet popularity or to make money. I post whatever I want, even if no one cares about it. Half of the time, the site experiences slows (due to me experimenting on it) and errors (ditto), so I most certainly don’t expect people to stick around. I don’t really have a loyal readership or anything like that. I don’t have an entire team helping me manage this site. It’s just me, some nerd with a computer who decided to run a personal blog.

If I link to something somewhere on this site, it’ll be because I tried it out either on my own or through work and liked it enough to link to it on there. I’m not to put something on that page and tell people I like it if I never even tried it!!!! Simple. C:

(Second of all, I have no idea how these people are getting my email address. I used to have a contact page with a form and link to my email, but not anymore.)

About Plugin Credit…

Edited to add: Some WP plugins (not mentioning any names), if you express interest in linking to their site on your WP blog, they’ll choose how you get to link to them. NO NO NO, my site, I choose how I get to link to you. It was fairly good plugin, I wouldn’t link to them with negative feedback. (I ended up switching it out for another plugin that seems to do a better job, based on my web server.)