Bug Fixes

  • Some of the post/page body text and the sidebar on the static pages were creeping under the left/right-aligned images.


  • The browser’s default tooltips were replaced with swanky-looking custom ones. ^_^ Some Javascript magic had to be involved (in order to remove the default ones, otherwise you would get the default ones along with the stylized ones and that would not be cool!). But the new tooltips themselves are 100% CSS black magic.*
  • Some of the posts and pages have subtitles. I redid said subtitles so they look cooler, after seeing how a lot of news sites format their articles now (trying to get away from the blocky look of the text basically).

*On that note, I was on r/TheSliphRoad when I noticed that the upvote/downvote buttons on topics showed a Pokemon icon (whichever ‘mon starred in the most recent PoGo event) flying away and fading when clicked. Looking at the source code, I noticed that there was a new property transition that I never seen before. So that’s what’s powering the fading and moving part of the tooltips. Stuff like this reminds me that CSS is like the zerg–always changing and evolving. 🤓