An old sketch I did of a classroom at the community college I went to. I’m not sure what that pole thing with the gauge and knobs was for. It was attached to the ceiling like it was holding up the room, which might have been part of its purpose. It looked kind of nautical. And it was in a classroom. Hence, the title. Ummm…it seemed like I was the only one who noticed it. O.o

Looking back at this now as a better artist, I noticed that the perspective of the window in the background and the desks is skewed. I tried keeping it as close to what I saw as much as possible, but…:S

(Interestingly enough, I noticed that perspective in artworks, even in photogeraphy* tends to be exaggerated. The desk in the background at the left was set at that angle in real life, and yet, I know I should’ve drawn the top edge to be a bit more level with the horizon.)

*Especially if you zoom out, which makes things in the background appear smaller. Also if you’re trying to take a photo of a rectangular object like a painting, it can make the edges look like they’re curving outward, which is why I try to avoid zooming out as much as possible, and instead, will back away from the subject.