giantpaperbot - New HD


As an early birthday present, Mr. Giantpaper got me a new hard drive for my Macbook Pro. 😮

The MBP (called humongousbot) has been making these angry grinding noises for a long time now. After looking it up online, I have found that the hard drive needs to be replaced. I looked up some compatible laptop hard drives on Amazon and settled for this 1TB Western Digital.

Actually switching out the hard drives was a bit of an adventure (when Mr. Giantpaper and I looked for instructions online on how remove the hard drive, we saw that the data cable ribbon thing was connected to the drive as it should…and then glued on top of the drive itself…

But once everything was in place, formatting the drive and installing the OS was easy (since the CD/DVD drive is busted, I already had converted my 8GB flash drive into a bootable drive with Snow Leopard install files on it).

Other than a couple network-related problems (can’t access Google’s sites or Dropbox through the desktop app or their site), everything is splendid.