Got an invite for Google+ from W88 and now I have joined. O.o Which I find surprising for me, when I think about how I felt so apathetic about joining another social network whose sole purpose was to connect people so they can talk (as opposed to connecting people so they can talk about art or play vidjya games together).

And noooo I didn’t join just because it’s not Facebook. >:o Well…maybe I did. But mainly because Google+ claims to actually care about our privacy (even though Facebook said pretty much the same thing before turning to the Dark Side of the Force). If I feel like I can trust Google to not screw us over, then maybe I will stay.

(Despite what the comic said, I actually might be able to get my dad to switch. Mom…I don’t know yet…)

Edit: That being said, I might not be that active on it. I just wanted to test out the features and see what it was like, since people seem to be going crazy over it.