One of Steam’s summer sale achievements was to upload a video to Youtube and connect it to our Steam profile. Since I didn’t have any video game-related videos, I downloaded Fraps and shot one while playing Champions Online.

Speaking of MMOs, I’ve said in the past that I’ve grown apathetic about MMOs, but there are two I’ve been playing recently.

I like Spiral Knights because it’s a lot less grindy than most MMOs. Champions Online can feel a bit grindy, if you’re soloing, but it makes up for it by being fun to run around in (if you have the acrobatic travel power or something similar). You can also go to Canada or the Southwest Desert and fight zombies! :O

Upcoming MMOs like The Old Republic I’m following the news of, but after a few gameplay videos recently, people are calling it a WoW clone. I’ve never playing WoW, but if it’s like Runescape, I might be underwhelmed. :/

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