I think it would be cool to install Mac OS X on a ThinkPad*, so you could have a mobile Hackintosh! This, combined with the prospect of Hackintoshes and Linux going mainstream (not that it’s ever been announced yet, that I know of…), will force people to disassociate the operating system from the hardware.

*Why a ThinkPad? Macs tend to be seen as sleek, minimal gray/white computers with rounded corners (except for the Blackbooks, which are…black), while ThinkPads are normally black, boxy and rectangular (except for the Edge series, which are slim and rounded). In other words, it would be funny. >:D

Video gamer: “This game runs on PC!”
Linux user: “…It does not run on my PC.”
Video gamer: “>.> It runs on Windows.”

(Not to mention when Steam made its debut on Mac OS X, tons of people were talking about “Mac n00bs” on Steam, when in fact, a lot of the Mac users had been using Steam and playing games like Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2 for a while now, running it on a Windows partition installed on their Macs.)

(Also, I think you could install some Linux distros like Ubuntu on a Mac.)