Just like with a lot of video games these days, there’s the initial release that everyone’s hyped about. Then as you’re playing it, you discover some glaringly obvious, annoying bugs that should’ve been fixed during playtesting. This was the case!


  • MOBILE—Not being able scroll all the way down on the main menu.
  • MOBILE—Tweaked the main menu so the close animation is smoother.

I’ve made some improvements!

  • I’ve semi-decorated the front page with Christmas (changed the hero image) so I decided to go all the way and change the colors to be more holidayish.
  • I’ve added shortlinks!
    screenshot showing off GPORG's new shortlinks
    WordPress already has support for shortlinks, but they’re just the default /?p=[post ID] which is the permalink structure of posts & pages if pretty permalinks are disabled. Shortlinks are available on all posts except the linklog, since the “permalink” is kind of supposed to be the external URL anyway (and there’s no way to shorten that with the plugin).