Dream: Creepy Girl

This was the first “scary dream” I can remember. (I found out I don’t use the term “nightmare” that much, I noticed.) Note: I had this dream written out as a novel-type entry, like an actual story. And since I liked how it was written, I kept it in that format. ^_^ So, just to … Continued

Dream: Turtles!

Had a dream where I was given a bowl of teeny tiny turtles (the largest was about the size of a half-dollar), and I was supposed to choose one as a pet. I didn’t know which one to choose, mainly because most of them were sick or dying. T-T I think the turtle part came … Continued

Dream: Life’s A Musical

A really old dream I just discovered in my old blog entries. It was sometime later in the evening when the Jedi were done training with their Padawans for the day. They came into a dark, unused room of the Temple. laughing about something. I joined them, not exactly sure what to say. Suddenly, they … Continued