Dream: Disneyland Down Under

I really don’t remember much about this dream, since I didn’t get to actually thinking about it and writing it down until now. First thing I did this morning: get up, have breakfast, work on Capstone project (which I’ve been doing all morning and afternoon). I only remember the later half of it actually. I … Continued

Two Dreams Intersecting Each Other

I was watching Doug*. There was one scene where Doug’s sister (who didn’t look much like Judy, his actual sister) was driving down a road, with their mom in the front seat and their dad in the back (oddly enough, she was driving on the right side of the car), when both parents were hit … Continued

A Dream About Animals

Last night, I saw a rat riding a cat riding a dog while being walked by a human. Well, not surprisingly, I had a dream about it. >8D But it was just a repeat of what I saw in real life, unfortunately (actually, I don’t know how it could get weirder than that…). And I … Continued

End of the Semester Dreams

Dream #1 involved me staying at Jeidai‘s house, even though the year wasn’t over yet. In fact, it was during finals. Getting over to school was easy. I had my car over at her house, and when it was time for me to go to school, I would jump in it and drive over. But … Continued

Dream: Big House + Ghosts

Part 1: Peach and I were watching an episode of Pokemon, set a few years into the future. It was mainly about Satoshi and Kasumi, who were playing on the beach with a group of younger kids. I noticed that Kasumi was definately older–she sounded older, and she looked older. But then I was becoming … Continued

A dream about toilets

This is actually Part 3, but since the first two parts are so short and incohorent, I didn’t feel like including them. My family, Jeidai and her family and I were all transported to some kind of alternate world, kind of like the Spirit World in Sen to Chihiro, set in Edo Japan. We were … Continued

Dream: Roll out the baddies

This morning, I had another dream. I only remember a few parts, that involved a huge palace, kinda like Theed Palace, near Jichan’s house. In the ballroom, stormtroopers, clonetroopers and…Blue Guards? Senate Guards? (they call the Imperial Guards the Red Guards, so why not Blue Guards? :P) were all running to this event/ritual that was … Continued

Dream: Lord of the りんぐ

A Ring/Lord of the Rings crossover dream/nightmare about a very, powerful gold ring. Whoever put it on got amazing, evil psychic powers, but putting it on had two downsides: it rots your soul and Sadako comes after you via the TV. 😛 It couldn’t be destroyed so easily (really durable and fire-proof). When I tried … Continued

Dream: Pug Thievery

Everyone from math (students+teacher) were all in my room, because we had nothing better to do. A couple hours later, everyone went home. The house was warped around a lot (rooms changed and rearranged). I went over to the doorway, and met one of our…very unique pets: something that was a cross-between a dog and … Continued

Dream: Noellium and the Great Glass Elevator

Forgot how this one begins. Grandma owned L’s school (I think it was passed down through her family or something), and sometimes used it as kinda like a hotel/motel (used the classrooms as the people’s rooms). There was some kind of a carnival/festival/celebration going on there. A majority of the students+their families were there, along … Continued