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Brutal Honesty is NOT always the answer

"And that's how the cycle of worker mistreatment and toxicity is perpetuated. "I was treated like shit, so I'm gonna treat you like shit." / When I was younger, my work superiors were assholes who would criticize me and my work in the most harsh ways possible. Did my work get better as a result? Yes, but I developed severe jadedness and anxiety that I carry around with me to this day. / Now that I'm in a more senior role, I NEVER treat coworkers like they are stupid because I know how awful it feels. So I just explain things in a relaxed way and let them know that they can always come to me with questions. And their work always continues to improve. / In general, even outside of work, just treat people the way you'd like to be treated. Have empathy."

Here’s the entire thread for context (reddit just threw the other replies to the OP, so not sure how to link to this particular conversation).

I tend to be rather thin-skinned myself and it just never feels good ramming someone with the “brutal honesty” truck. It’s possible to get your point across without tearing them down and at the same time, without sugarcoating it.