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2 Black men say they were handcuffed while trying to return a TV. Now they’re suing Walmart.

The men said a routine trip to the store resulted in police being called on them on suspicion they stole the television. They added that they were placed in handcuffs despite Stewart showing store workers the $300.94 receipt for the Hisense television he bought, according to suit, which names Walmart Inc. as a defendant.

Didn’t believe them even though they had a receipt for the exact item they’re trying to return…… 😐

While the men remained detained, Stewart cried for about an hour, according to the lawsuit. They were eventually freed from the handcuffs after a female employee screamed at them to take the TV and get the “f— out of this store, and never come f—— back,” the filing said.

In one last indignity, the men, according to the lawsuit, were required to sign a “Criminal Trespass Warning,” which guarantees that criminal charges remain on file at Walmart if the men try to return to the store, the lawsuit said.

Apparently, these Walmart employees just don’t know how to admit they screwed up.

Sure hope Steward & Richardson win this. Absolutely ridiculous. 😤