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DQB2: Awakening Line [Under Construction]

Currently obsessed with Dragon Quest Builders 2. I’m already in post-game mode, so here’s some stuff I made with some unlimited resources unlocked:

  • [miniature castle] Cerulean Steppe Train Station
  • [adobe building] Scarlet Sands Train Station — based this off a combination of pueblo-style buildings and San Miguel Chapel. I did think about using the bell in the tower above the tablet as the main bell to gather gratitude, but when you ring the bell, EVERYONE (humans, animals, ally monsters) come running over to greet you around the bell. Even if the area is unreachable to them–they’ll just teleport. And if there’s no way for them to make their way back down without taking fall damage, they’ll just live there, sleep there and talk about how they need the toilet (if human). Soo I just added another bell in a more accessible location.
    (Btw, the two train stations are based of a trio of stations made by someone on reddit (Green Gardens Scarlet Sands Cerulean Steppe.) Still have yet to do a Green Gardens Train Station. Need to figure out how to move the crops aside so I can add some tracks. 😬)
  • [pool] Was supposed to be a Pool of Paradise, but found that it wouldn’t register as one. Then I realized it needs to fit inside a room and the largest a room can be is 150×150 blocks. So I did make an actual Pool of Paradise and the humans love it. They love it way more than the much bigger, fancier pools I made, because the smaller one is a Pool of Paradise and the bigger ones are not. (#videogamelogic)