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Facebook makes the case for activity tracking to iOS 14 users in new pop-ups

Facebook previously bought a full-page newspaper ad with similar messaging, making the case that the change would be particularly negative for local businesses as they struggle during the pandemic. “Beyond hurting apps and websites, many in the small business community say this change will be devastating for them too, at a time when they face enormous challenges,” it read. “Small businesses deserve to be heard. We’re standing up to Apple for our small business customers and our communities.”

Ars Technica

But Facebook… 😮

I own a small business and I hate when huge corporations feign outrage at small businesses being harmed. I do just fine without facebook ads entirely so please don’t speak for me Facebook.


Btw, looking at some of the comments. Deleting the app and your account, or avoiding Facebook in the first place won’t stop them from tracking you. :C

None in my household have Facebook, but packet inspection on the traffic shows a scary amount of Facebook-related communication. It’s like a mushroom with the mycelium spread through every millimeter of the internet-forest.


Facebook buys information from other brokers and merges it into a shadow profile. You could avoid the internet completely and Facebook may have a profile on you (though it would be worthless from their point of view)


Gee, Facebook goes through so much to creepily extract so much info about you. And they’re freaking out when Apple is planning to give people the choice whether or not they want to be tracked? I don’t think “standing up for small businesses” is their motive. 🤔

crossing out the Facebook logo on a phone with a stylus