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Facebook’s Android app can now retrieve data about what apps you use

So what they’re saying is…

NEW Now collects data on what apps you use! We don’t even need to ask!

Goodness me, Facebook. What other kinds of BS can you come up with? :/

In related news, I remember reading an article on Lifehacker about how not staying loyal to one brand was important. Forgot the reason why, but a lot of readers’ reasonings was: you don’t want to give all your data to one company. Google collects data on users, and while they don’t sell or give the info to third parties, they build up a profile on people and when you run into one of their ads, they match up your “profile” with what ad would suit you best. It’s a good thing they don’t give users’ info to anyone (even if they have very deep pockets–not even to the US government :o), but it’s still creepy! ><;;

Also: (from the above link)

Android app developers have long complained that the platform doesn’t offer much granularity when specifying permissions. Indeed, many times very basic apps ask for permissions they don’t really need. In this case, Facebook may be asking for permissions it only needs when Home is installed and turned on.

When I first launched the Google+ app for iOS, I got a notice saying something along the lines of “By using this app, you agree to let Google track your location.” Location tracking for any app can be turned off in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. I turned off Location Tracking for G+, and the app is no longer able to track my location! :O When I go to Check-in for the G+ app to test it, I get:

location services turned off for Google+ iOS app


Fun fact:

  • DID YOU KNOW that by default, the percentage next to the battery icon is hidden on iPod Touches? For some reason apparently, Apple didn’t think that their iPod users would want to check to see exactly how much battery juice their device has, unlike their iPhone users. Why, I don’t know!
    (I had to edit some files after jailbreaking my iPod.)
  • In OTHER related news, Google unlike Apple doesn’t go through great pains to keep users from rooting their devices.

Kinda sucks that you practically have to choose between privacy and security. ( ಠ ಠ )

crossing out the Facebook logo on a phone with a stylus