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Here’s What It Looks Like To Use Google Glass, And Here’s How To Get One

But in Accel World, they used electronic collarish-looking things that were wired into the user’s brain, so everything they saw through their neurodevices was only visible to them. Whenever they wanted to take a picture of something, they would just think it (instead of telling the device to take a photo).

Also I am wondering…

  • The scene where the lady was recording a rollarcoaster ride…my own prescription glasses wouldn’t stay on my head until I had someone in the glasses department at Costco custom fitted to my head. I wasn’t even on a rollarcoaster when this happened. Would the users need to have their Google Glass…things be custom fitted?
  • How would this work for glasses wearers? Could we just wear them over our regular glasses? (Which I do with regular sunglasses from Target and have no shame about it. :D)
  • And the most obvious question of all: would we be able to focus on the HUD without giving ourselves headaches?

It looks cool, but I think I want something a bit closer to Accel World. >_<

Featured image by Dan Leveille