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Introversion isn’t a flaw

I forget that a lot of people see introversion as a bad thing. 😮 I read on GPC

One-Third of adults are introverts in a world where extroverted qualities are praised. People that need to recharge after social events are thought of as boring. Shy people (who do not make up all introverts) are labeled creepy, stupid, or odd. I cannot possibly convey how horribly damaging this is. Some people can also get to a point where they actually create a reality from originally false labels. If people around you are calling your stupid, you eventually start to believe it. We should not label someone something and expect them to behave oppositely.

MissJean (topic)

I’m an introvert, and as far as I know, I don’t think I ever experienced negativity for it. On the other hand, the fact that there are people who see introversion (and shyness in particular) as a flaw really bothers me.

In somewhat relatedness, I remember a little before Facebook turned to the Dark Side, how they were setting a lot of features (about section, photos, interests, etc) to public as a default. I thought they were trying to get their users to open up more, because “it’s a social network!” (Err, I guess now they were trying to get people to open up more, but not for socialness…) It was annoying, but as long as I could change things to “friends only”, I was happy.