Computer updates

That growling/grinding I kept hearing? It was the right cooling fan. I noticed that when checking the fan speed, the right one was considerably slower than the left one, when the noise was going on (left: around 3000rpm, right: 900rpm). Funkymonk thought that the fan motor was dying, but just in case it wasn’t, he

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Pile of MMOs: Champions Online and The Secret World

I created another character in Champions Online, since my main one is trapped in a nightmare cave with Funkymonk’s character, fighting nightmare demons (and at the point we are at now, entering an actual nightmare). I had another character, an ice/snow fairy, buuut flying I found out always seems really slow to me, although I

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Facebook wants your phone number

Some comments I really liked… Facebook’s listed corporate HQ phone number is 650-543-4800. Just sayin’. -Hands Hee. Google and facebook have both been begging me for my phone number for as long as I can remember. I was begining to think they just had a crush on me. Good to see they’ve moved on. -Brian

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Stolen art in the game

This…makes me sad. I was planning on buying it too. :/ Also, if you look further down on page 2, you’ll find this post…

This. Map. Is. False.

Funkymonk decided we should make Portal 2 maps with the not-so-newly released Perpetual Testing Initiative (the map-making tool). This was mine.