Happy Thanksgiving :3

And now that It Has Begun (officially, in the US), I guess I must begin Christmas shawpping now. ­čśÉ

[dispenser][dispenser]s minutes left of the mission

(Team Fortress 2) Apparently a soldier cracked some kind of whip (I guess it was this whip? O.O)* in a payload map and for a minute, the entire game crashed. When everything returned to normal and the game commenced, ummmm…it was not so….normal…as in, the game textures were all mixed up. As in, metal objects

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Portal 2 - Squirrel

Now this squirrel is thinking with portals

Look up portal 2 on Amazon. Click on any of the items listed and scroll down to “Looking for “portal 2″ Products?” Yus. In other news, I am weirded out that The Old Republic will be F2P (free to play) when I decided I wasn’t interested in it, because of the monthly subscription fee and

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