Demonstrating GeSHi using GeSHi

How I added GeSHi to GPORG. Here I will demonstrate using GeSHi (for prettification purposes). (See the doc on Wordpress’s shortcode API if you haven’t already.) To use in a post… echo $fun; …will get you…


Sage just got an update! Installation is much easier than before! Me likey! 😍

Changelog // v2017.06.10

Bug Fixes Some of the post/page body text and the sidebar on the static pages were creeping under the left/right-aligned images. Improvements The browser’s default tooltips were replaced with swanky-looking custom ones. ^_^ Some Javascript magic had to be involved (in order to remove the default ones, otherwise you would get the default ones along … Continued

LESS is awesome

Sooo I’m in the process of constructing a new layout for Giantpaper (that may not see the light of day for a while now). I’ve been using LESS for it, once I saw how it seems to have been made for people like me (who get lost in a sea of code easily).

I don’t hate this

I’m kinda surprised that so many people are sad in the comments. For me, it’s one less browser to code for (even though Opera is my primary browser, but SO MANY PEOPLE use Chrome and Safari, compared to Opera). And sites like will freaking finally work in Opera. Heck, my own site looks kind … Continued