In the same breath, apparently, he deleted his LinkedIn account. We hear that he had to do this because he received numerous death threats. That part is quite regretable [sic]. Come on, Internet. His comments did sound jerkish, but there’s no reason to send anyone death threats. ಠ_ಠ It’s actually unfortunate he lost his job (doesn’t

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Rise and shine, Valentine

Coming to you LIVE from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Rapture’s number one radio dating programme: Would You Kindly! Free from the tyrannical oppression of government broadcasting standards and hosted by the founder of Rapture, Andrew Ryan, Would You Kindly challenges one contestant to choose from three

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FunkyMonk and I started playing SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic). We were planning on waiting for it to go free to play, but FM saw that it was only about $7 at Target and thought, welll…we could buy the game now and wait for it to go F2P. And then mid-October, we decided–no, wait.

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The Secret World…wot do I think?

I played The Secret World from during the free weekend. And despite the constant lagging and disconnecting (that may be blamed on our router, Verizon or my computer more than the TSW servers*), it was fun.