I now use a VPN for all my devices

All because of this. Earlier I was using the built-in VPN that came with Opera, but since I sometimes use browsers for other things, I wanted a VPN to cover all web browsing activity (and I am a bit leery of free VPNs). So I bit the bullet and got a year of Private Internet … Continued

The Android Saga

(Not that Android Saga!) Once upon a time… I got a sexay (prepaid) Moto G4 Play on Cyber Monday ($35!!!!!!!!!!!!* Out of $85). Since I have a Windows Phone1, playing Pokemon Go basically meant: Using my iPod Touch 5G which crashes a lot on (these days, I can’t walk two feet without it crashing. Spinning … Continued

Feature phones get no love

Feature phones are AWESOME. The battery on mine can last for about 2-3 weeks before it needs to be charged up. I almost never turn it off (unless if I’m in a movie theater or somewhere similar). I rarely need to worry about conserving battery life in case if I need to make an emergency … Continued


I think it would be cool to install Mac OS X on a ThinkPad*, so you could have a mobile Hackintosh! This, combined with the prospect of Hackintoshes and Linux going mainstream (not that it’s ever been announced yet, that I know of…), will force people to disassociate the operating system from the hardware. *Why … Continued