In the same breath, apparently, he deleted his LinkedIn account. We hear that he had to do this because he received numerous death threats. That part is quite regretable [sic]. Come on, Internet. His comments did sound jerkish, but there’s no reason to send anyone death threats. ಠ_ಠ It’s actually unfortunate he lost his job (doesn’t … Continued


I kinda did think the Yahoo homepage was a mess, but I don’t know if it looks any nicer (looks kinda Microsoftified, in terms of the solid, gradientless, borderless bar above the news feed). I like how I can freaking finally customize the news feed to my liking (as in, removing all the articles I … Continued

I don’t hate this

I’m kinda surprised that so many people are sad in the comments. For me, it’s one less browser to code for (even though Opera is my primary browser, but SO MANY PEOPLE use Chrome and Safari, compared to Opera). And sites like will freaking finally work in Opera. Heck, my own site looks kind … Continued

Facebook wants your phone number

Some comments I really liked… Facebook’s listed corporate HQ phone number is 650-543-4800. Just sayin’. -Hands Hee. Google and facebook have both been begging me for my phone number for as long as I can remember. I was begining to think they just had a crush on me. Good to see they’ve moved on. -Brian … Continued