Dear WordPress users, this is kinda important

And by “kinda important”, I mean “really important”. Like, security important. I normally trust Ars as far as authenticity is concerned, but when I first read the article, I thought ‘well…I haven’t had anything happen to my site. It might not be THAT big.’ (But still, I added the Limit Login Attempts plugin and Google

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Saaaay, remember when I mentioned the awesomest of not-smartphones, made more awesomer by Google SMS Search? Well…ummm… Google SMS not working anymore? Ironic, just four days after I discovered it and FINALLY figured out how to look up movie times on it, it gets the axe! щ(ಥДಥщ)

Dream social network, I have found you! <3

Once upon a time, I raged about Facebook and their hilariously bad decisions in regards to users and their privacy. I then mentioned Diaspora, a decentralized social network that works by having a bunch of “pods” connect to each other, and each pod having user profiles. Each pod stores the user info, instead of on

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Oh Facebook….

So what they’re saying is… NEW Now collects data on what apps you use! We don’t even need to ask! Goodness me, Facebook. What other kinds of BS can you come up with? :/