Another wallet carrier here. I hate purses. Well…that’s not quite true. I hate the concept of the “purse,” where women are supposed to lug around a bunch of junk that men can get away without having to carry. In my pockets (which are in men’s jeans–I tried women’s jeans but they all have tiny pockets) … Continued

I think they did something similar to this in Accel World

But in Accel World, they used electronic collarish-looking things that were wired into the user’s brain, so everything they saw through their neurodevices was only visible to them. Whenever they wanted to take a picture of something, they would just think it (instead of telling the device to take a photo). Also I am wondering… … Continued

Introversion isn’t a flaw

I forget that a lot of people see introversion as a bad thing. 😮 I read on GPC One-Third of adults are introverts in a world where extroverted qualities are praised. People that need to recharge after social events are thought of as boring. Shy people (who do not make up all introverts) are labeled … Continued

This kid got it easy

For giving a boy a fractured nose, multiple seizures and a coma, the bully was suspended with no charges pressed.

What have I been uptos this weekend?

I went to AX2012! Funkymonk and I went down to the LA Convention Center with a coworker of his. We took the Metro Red Line from Universal Station and switched to the Blue Line at 7th/Metro to Pico and met up with W88 and the cousins. $5 for an all day pass for the Metro … Continued

Updates, don’t you love updates? I love updates

My mom keeps switching cat food brands, mainly because Muffin does not seem to like the new one we got them as much anymore (I guess it was so different from Fancy Feast or Friskies that she had to sit down and taste the thing the first time? O.o). We had Trader Joe’s brand for … Continued