After both my mother and I getting bit by brown recluses, I kill them whatever way possible. Sorry spider lovers, I’m usually a “do the humane thing” kind of person too but after watching your mother have muscle and skin graphs done on her leg because the tissue was dieing I just can’t take the … Continued

“Why Would I Want a Touchscreen PC?”

to-Hmmm…looking over the things about gorilla arm and the like, I have to say… My ultimate setup would be a touchscreen monitor mounted on one of these arms, with a desktop build (so I would have an external keyboard+mouse). When I’m using my keyboard and mouse, the monitor would be on my desk shelf thing … Continued


Another wallet carrier here. I hate purses. Well…that’s not quite true. I hate the concept of the “purse,” where women are supposed to lug around a bunch of junk that men can get away without having to carry. In my pockets (which are in men’s jeans–I tried women’s jeans but they all have tiny pockets) … Continued

Introversion isn’t a flaw

I forget that a lot of people see introversion as a bad thing. 😮 I read on GPC One-Third of adults are introverts in a world where extroverted qualities are praised. People that need to recharge after social events are thought of as boring. Shy people (who do not make up all introverts) are labeled … Continued