The end of an era (No spoilers)

I’m probably being overly dramatic but I finally saw Rise of Skywalker. 🥺 I’ve heard a lot of people were disappointed, that it didn’t answer all the questions or it created more questions. But you know, I kinda don’t care! I think it was a great end to the “main” movies. It scored a lot … Continued

Oh iTunes

I’ve never experienced problems with iTunes on Windows, but I use it on my MPB, because just having iTunes installed adds like 4-5 background processes that all autostart when Windows starts, and if I’m going to have them in the background, might as well use it on a computer that won’t let me uninstall said … Continued


After both my mother and I getting bit by brown recluses, I kill them whatever way possible. Sorry spider lovers, I’m usually a “do the humane thing” kind of person too but after watching your mother have muscle and skin graphs done on her leg because the tissue was dieing I just can’t take the … Continued

“Why Would I Want a Touchscreen PC?”

to-Hmmm…looking over the things about gorilla arm and the like, I have to say… My ultimate setup would be a touchscreen monitor mounted on one of these arms, with a desktop build (so I would have an external keyboard+mouse). When I’m using my keyboard and mouse, the monitor would be on my desk shelf thing … Continued