Hello Gutenberg

And here, testing out Gutenberg for the first time in case this is something I might want to use in the future when it gets released to the wild! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla ultricies turpis eget iaculis molestie. In eget purus ut arcu eleifend iaculis. Maecenas ante risus, molestie quis

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Dear everyone, please stop asking me to link to your content

It’s not often I get this request, and I don’t know if other people running personal, nerdy blogs get this, but I got at least two emails from other sites and companies if I would link to their content. Giantpaper.org is just a personal blog. I run this site for my own pleasure and to

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Oh iTunes

I’ve never experienced problems with iTunes on Windows, but I use it on my MPB, because just having iTunes installed adds like 4-5 background processes that all autostart when Windows starts, and if I’m going to have them in the background, might as well use it on a computer that won’t let me uninstall said

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Whyyyy Adobe??

Weeeeeeell….guess I won’t be upgrading from Photoshop and Flash CS3 anytime soon.


After both my mother and I getting bit by brown recluses, I kill them whatever way possible. Sorry spider lovers, I’m usually a “do the humane thing” kind of person too but after watching your mother have muscle and skin graphs done on her leg because the tissue was dieing I just can’t take the

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“Why Would I Want a Touchscreen PC?”

to-Hmmm…looking over the things about gorilla arm and the like, I have to say… My ultimate setup would be a touchscreen monitor mounted on one of these arms, with a desktop build (so I would have an external keyboard+mouse). When I’m using my keyboard and mouse, the monitor would be on my desk shelf thing

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