Another negative side effect to COVID-19 in the US…RACISM 😡

ZOMG I reported some dude on Nextdoor a while ago who made inflammatory remarks towards China, Chinese people and anything that comes out of China. 😩 All because the virus originated from China. Folks, we dealt with this after the WTC attack on Sept. 11, 2001 when Middle Easterners were all thought to be terrorists … Continued

The end of an era (No spoilers)

I’m probably being overly dramatic, but I finally saw Rise of Skywalker. 🥺 I’ve heard a lot of people were disappointed, that it didn’t answer all the questions or it created more questions. But you know, I kinda don’t care! I think it was a great end to the “main” Star Wars movies. It scored … Continued

Oh iTunes

You know I’ve never experienced problems with iTunes on Windows. But that’s probably because I use it on my Macbook Pro. Just having iTunes installed adds like 4-5 background processes that all autostart when Windows starts. If I’m going to have them in the background, might as well use it on a computer that won’t … Continued