Some Overdue Dreams…

Dream #1: Web Developers and Their Guinea Pigs I was watching a video on guinea pig care. One of the things they warned was when a guinea pig was doing something to them, for the owners to not interrupt them, otherwise it would disrupt the relationship between guinea pig and owner. Ex. there was a … Continued

Dreams: Twitter Style!

Apparently, little sleep => more colorful dreams (that I was reminded of when Adam mentioned having a series of really weird dreams). Most of these dreams were very short, about a minute long. But since I didn’t write them down right away (d’ohhhhh), I’ve forgotten half of them. They were like the premise of a … Continued

The Nerdiest Dream

A few days ago, L was having trouble with her algebra homework. She asked Mom for help, but the problem was so hard that not even our mom (math/business major and was really good at it) couldn’t figure it out, mainly because kids in her generation weren’t taught this kind of math. She asked me, … Continued

Dream: Noellium and the Beanstalk

I planted my carnivorous plants (the ones I got for Christmas) on Dec. 28 last year. Err…two of them, that is (Venus Flytrap and Sundew, the others are waiting to germinate in the fridge). It takes about 3 months for these seeds to grow. Slow growers, yup. :yes: At the moment, I’m trying to make … Continued

Dream: Noellium in Wonderland?

(Most of the earlier half of this dream is a bunch of seemingly unrelated fragments…kinda like Alice in Wonderland. This is what I get for not writing this one ASAP.) Jeidai‘s immediate family and my immediate family were on some kind of vacation in Japan. We stayed at this warehouse-looking hotel and played this game … Continued

Geekish Dreaming

Anyone ever get really tired and nod off and these random dream-like thoughts enter your mind? That happened to me today. My entire “dream” was a poem about a heron with a long gray beak. And what’s the geekish part? It was entirely in PHP. XP It was sort of object-oriented programming-like (since I’m just … Continued

Dream: Twitter Party!

Amanda posted about her upcoming 22nd birthday party next month. Reading it reminded me of the dream I had where I went all stalkerish on her. So with that mind, can you guess what dream I had that night? Yup, it was about someone’s birthday party, but instead of Amanda’s, it was…Jem‘s! And she wasn’t … Continued

A Dream Deluxe Pack

A Very Capstone Christmas Apparently, Christmas is here! I was with my Capstone classmates at some kind of amusement park/carnival, standing next to a merry-go-round, when we started exchanging gifts. This caught me off guard, because while I knew Christmas was coming, I didn’t expect to have to give my classmates presents (especially when I … Continued