Bunny Bunch State University

Had a dream where I went with Valerie to Bunny Bunch in Montclair. They had merged with a local college, and so now was a rabbit/guinea pig/chinchilla rescue and a college. They also started rescuing horses apparently and were offering classes on horse care. In order to attract interest to the college part, they were … Continued

Dreams are jerks: Part 2

Toward the end of the semester, I would take my finals and graduate the next day. Huzzzah! I was kinda worried about my grades. I was not the best student in any class outside of studio art*, but I was used to dealing with this already. *ahem* But wait! I just remembered…I had math, science … Continued

A dream

I had a dream about a Samsung Galaxy Nexus media player that spewed fire whenever I was about to go near some stuff belonging to a ghost girl. The problem is…her stuff was actually my stuff, which I wanted back. (I was able to get my stuff back when I got her to join my … Continued

Dream: Back to school!

I had one of these dreams, where my old college was combined with my old middle school and the local high school. (I seem to have a lot of these…) And since I didn’t actually have to switch schools when migrating to college (either I went to high school here or I skipped it entirely … Continued

Another shower dream

In this one, I had a doctor appointment. The doctor was a pretty female doctor, who for some reason, thought I was a guy and kept flirting with me. O.o (Which also weirded me out, because while I know there are people whose genders tend to be ambiguous, I thought it was pretty obvious I … Continued

Dream: Mission: Shower

Jeidai, me, my family and Jeidai’s family were on a bus, visiting relatives in Sacremento, when I realized I needed to take a shower. Luckily! There was a shower in the back! 😀 Ummm…turns out…the back didn’t offer a lot of privacy (there were windows everywhere). And when we reached a bus stop, people got … Continued

Dream flashback!

Every time I read or hear the phrase “once in a blue moon”, I’m reminded of my dream (it was a pretty cool dream too :D). Will telling it make it stop? Dunno. But here it goes. o.o I was in my mom and dad’s room upstairs one evening when my dad read on a … Continued

Dream: The Real Maya

Bwahahaha, I just remembered I had a dream where there were multiple Mayas. (For those who don’t know: Maya.) Each one was different. Some still had their tags intact (that little cloth-like tag that has info like the manufacture, laundering info, etc? Yup, I cut Maya’s tag when I was very little, so there’s only … Continued