Waaaay back in the old days (before professional web development became what it is now), there was a demographic of young, hip teens who loved web design and web development very much and would regularly (read: monthly) revamp their websites.

I tried this, but went through burnout, aaaand there was a long, contemplative thought process I went through about building a site you’re really proud of and could stand the test of time, but won’t know go into, otherwise it will derail this post and potentially step on toes. πŸ‘€

These days, a lot of eCommerce sites might change their hero image to a seasonal photo, usually to reflect their current sales, and depending on how the site is built, might also change the colors to be more seasonal (ex. scarlet red instead of their signature color). I wanted to make GPORG a little more festive for Christmas, but didn’t want to redo the whole ass site (I mean, I still LIKE this look and took me about 2 months to design and 6 months to develop).

And I remembered. πŸ’‘ Superbowl 2021: GPORG “celebrated” SUPERBOWL with a photo of a snowy owl. It was subtle, simple, totally not referencing a nationwide sports season finale that people prepare for by buying new TVs (not a football person, in case y’all are wondering πŸ‘€).

So for Christmas, I decided to do something similar, except it would have to be more direct (there doesn’t seem to be a way to stealthily reference Christmas). Only criteria is that

  • It would have to be against a white background, just so there is a seamless transition between photo background and webpage background.
  • Whatever the subject(s) is, it can’t be touching the bottom of the photo frame, so it has more of that floating look (and also, so it’s more seamless like bullet point #1).

For Christmas, I went with a bauble, since it fulfills both both requirements.

Already have one planned for Valentine’s Day (no it won’t be all romantic and lovey dovey!!).

Superbowl, we’re just doing the snowy owl again.

I set up a function that will (hopefully) switch the images out during predefined date ranges, so I don’t have to do this myself! πŸ’š

It’s January 2022 and the bauble is still up??

The date range for the Christmas background is Dec. 1 to Jan. 5. January 5 is the end of Christmastide (more popularly known as the 12 Days of Christmas). January 6 is Ephiphany (not Catholic myself, but my mind was blown when I realized what the “12 Days” were actually about. 🀯