ZOMG I reported some dude on Nextdoor a while ago who made inflammatory remarks towards China, Chinese people and anything that comes out of China. 😩 All because the virus originated from China.

Folks, we dealt with this after the WTC attack on Sept. 11, 2001 when Middle Easterners were all thought to be terrorists just because of their face. And waaaay back when Pearl Harbor was attacked during WWII when Japanese Americans were interned. We don’t need to do this again. Please.

Sometimes the most devastating hits are financial. At many Chinese restaurants, income has been decimated.
“A customer called and said, ‘Mainland China has this disease. We are not going to come out anymore,'” Wu said.

What’s spreading faster than coronavirus in the US? Racist assaults and ignorant attacks against Asians

Do…people understand how viruses work? 🤨