A Microsoft Creative Director 'Doesn't Get The Drama' Around Always-Online Consoles, Devices

I don’t get the drama around having an “‘always on” console. Every device now is “always on”. That’s the world we live in. #dealwithit

-Adam Orth

Hmmmm…..hmmmm…hmmmm…acting like a jerk to your userbase on Twitter (which is used for PR purposes by a lot of companies…like Microsoft)? Ohhh dearie me…In regards to his comments, the computers, iPod, smartphones, gaming consoles, and other computing devices are almost “always on”, except when the internet goes out. 😀 What gamer doesn’t enjoy playing single player games when they can’t get internet? Our internet connection is pretty good, but people with crappier internet might find themselves offline just about every day for several hours (and don’t exactly have the money to switch to better Internet).

(I don’t always have Wi-fi whenever I go out and take my iPod Touch with me. Good thing I have a bunch of offline games I can use, games in particular.)